Julia's profile

    • 43
    • 1
    • dark brown
    • divorced
    • 2 higher educations (Master of Economics, Bachelor of Law, legal adviser
    • jurist
    • English: fluent
    • German: medium
    • Latvia
    • 20 years old boy, lives with me
    • your own apartment
    • He is mature in mind, intelligent, kind, responsible, caring, with versatile interests, generous, self-sufficient, wealthy both financially and morally and psychologically and emotionally, reliable.
    • Intelligent, cultured. Versatile personality (many hobbies and interests). I am easy to learn anything. There is a penchant for languages. I can learn almost any language in a short time.

      Calm, reasonable, responsible, with the correct concepts of relationships and family, kind, emotional, easy-going. I love to travel, discover new places. I love both active (in moderation) and passive rest. I love nature, the sea, I have a license to drive a sea vessel up to 16 km (10 miles) (inland waters).

      Household, organized, caring. I can support any conversation, different topics. Well-groomed, looking after myself. There is taste in almost everything. I appreciate art, architecture, history, antiques.

      In people, I value openness, sincerity (no games with emotions and feelings), optimism, kindness, self-sufficiency, respect, honesty, loyalty, enjoy life together, understand life and accept life as it is.