Irina's profile

    • 32
    • none
    • 160
    • 52
    • blond
    • single (not married)
    • blue
    • higher education: Bachelor degree
    • Singer, vocal teacher
    • English: good
    • German: medium
    • Frech basic
    • Yes
    • Coffee, tea, sparkling wine
    • Latvia
    • Orthodoxy
    • I’m looking for an open-minded, easygoing, generous with a good sense of humor man.
    • I love performing on stage and writing new songs. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated with excellent communication skills. I’m also a straightforward, straight talking, no-nonsense, no drama person.
    • I like visiting different cultural locations and events, listening to my favourite type of music, such as jazz, soul, pop, classical. I prefer to cook different types of food. I like reading books and news.
      Also I spend time with my family and fiends on weekends.
      I'm not a sports person but I am an active person - walks, drives, even bike riding.