Rudite's profile

    • 54
    • 1
    • 171
    • 87
    • divorced
    • blond
    • grey
    • vocational or technical secondary education (college, technical school, etc.)
    • Chef
    • English: good
    • German: no
    • Yes
    • no
    • rarely
    • Latvia
    • 26 years old girl, doesn't live with me
    • Lutheranism
    • Family, work,health
    • My biggest problem is my fast nature - temper!
      However, I try to work it out...
    • Lie,lazy,dishonest
    • I just want to be happy laughing with my special man and travel around the world!
      I be happy to quietly enjoy the life with lovely man and time to time visit my kids and family!
      And to live near the sea or some lake!
    • My biggest passion is a traveling!
      I like to drive, cycling, and swimming few times a week!
      Every evening I read a book or magazines!
      I love spend time with my family and friends!
      I like to go to the concerts, cinema and theatre!
      I also love long walks near the sea...
    • no, I don't have
    • red, see blue
    • Nineteenth century dress /some queen
    • Camera to save the memories!