Tips for filling a profile

To prevent most common mistakes and to help you to find your person we are giving you the benefit of experience and provide you with a few tips to make your profile stand out and reflect your personality.

1. Your profiles and photos must harmonically match.
2. In the profile, put emphasis on 1-2 of your characteristic traits.
3. Be honest, honesty attracts
4. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit, do not try to write memoirs, but put maximum of information into a minimum of words. Try to point out something specific, and then the other person will see a glimpse of your personality. Add some details, for example if you like to travel indicate which countries have you visited, if you like to cook point out a specific cuisine that you like etc.
5. Do not be afraid to use your sense of humor and your individuality, the profile is not a work application, it is a presentation of your unique personality!
6. Do not copy even partly other people’s profiles; you want to find a person that fits you, right? Then no copying, only your unique character.
7. Do not represent yourself as an ideal person, that scares people – everyone have flaws that is a human way.
8. Try to avoid clichés; everyone will be bored when reading 10th profile of “rich, smart, beautiful, talented that is looking for beautiful, talented, and smart”. Tell about your wishes originally and with a sense of humor.
9. Do not forget that photos are very important component of your profile, so choose the photos very carefully! Keep in mind that the first photo it the key opening your profile, so it must be vertical and with a smile.

A. Photo must be clear and you must be clearly seen. Try to avoid common photos, choose the ones that will put emphasis on your personality and physical virtues.
B. Do not use group photos, it is your profile and it tells about you. That is why photos with friends, family, or pet will not be appropriate in this case.
C. Do not publish too outright photos, it will scare more than attract.
D. Try to use professional photos, to give the clear presentation of your appearance.
E. Do not use the old photos, even if you like them very much. If your relation will progress you will meet each other and starting relationships with a lie, even as small as this, is not a good idea.

10. Finally yet importantly is security! Be honest but not too outspoken. Remember that you must be interesting for your partner and not your business on millionaire uncle. In the profile, provide only necessary information, that you have children for example. More information about your family you can provide later, in personal conversations, when you will form a trustworthy relationships.