How much do our services cost for gentlemen?

Registration in agency costs 200 euro.

. In order to send the Lady the letter starting from the second one you need to pay 10 credits.
Cost of the credits is as follows:

20 credit points 8.00 EUR

50 credit points 28.00 EUR

80 credit points 39.00 EUR

160 Credits EURO 48.00 (25% discount)*

320 credits EURO 93.00 (28% discount)*

500 Credits EURO 125.00 (38% discount)*

1000 credit points 199.00 EUR
The more credits you purchase at once, the less each credit costs. The minimum credits you can buy is 20 Credits.

Credits can be purchased by clicking "Buy Credit Points" button on your profile page.
If you would like to see a detailed account of your purchasing history, it could not be simpler.
Go to "My Orders" tab where you will see links to the letters you sent and opened and a list of all orders.

2. Lady's video presentation costs 10 Credits. After paying once, you can watch Lady's presentation as many times as you wish. 

3. The gifts for the Lady cost starting from 20 Credits

4. SKYpe meeting from office ( 45 min ) cost 50 euro

5. Contact details of the Lady can be purchased for 150 EUR.  All you need is to send your request to the agency's administrator by clicking "Contacts' button on the Lady's profile. If the Lady agrees to share her contact details, the administrator will send you them directly to your e-mail address.

6. Date with the Lady in Riga costs ( 150 EUR).

In your country it costs  from 1500 euro exclusive of return flight tickets and the hotel where the Lady will stay during all her visit that is paid on your behalf. 

7. Special service and romantic tour costs  depending on your requirements.

8. Transfer from/to the airport cost 30 EURO

How do you pay?

Credits are paid  using PayPal or by cash in our agency's office.

I can send you invoice too.

 Simply select "Pay by PayPal" at the time of checkout for any purchase and follow the instructions.